Current Sermon Series

       Have you ever fallen in love? The idea takes us back, causing us to relive our youthful heart flutters. Today, we might dismiss those memories as child’s play. What were we thinking?

       But what if there was something more to it than hormones, butterflies, and adrenaline? What if there was something even holy about the experience? Let’s talk about what God was up to when you felt your first love.

Welcome To Smyser!

 You are here because God is doing something in your life. We pray that you would experience the power of Jesus Christ as he leads you to joy and freedom in Him. Smyser wants to help you do that. We are a church of broken people who come together every week to celebrate Jesus as King. We don’t have all the answers, but we study God’s Word in order to learn, grow, and serve together. We try to love God and love people as followers of Jesus, and to help others do the same. That’s our mission. Making MORE and BETTER disciples of Jesus. Will you jump in?