Community Thanksgiving Feast


Nov. 18, 2018 Community Thanksgiving Feast At Windsor High School, 1424 Minnesota Ave. Windsor, IL 4-6 pm Sponsored by Windsor Area Churches, Contact Kari Otto, 217-752-6896 The Windsor Area Churches (Smyser Christian Church, Windsor Christian Church, Windsor United Methodist Church, Ashgrove Christian Church, and Gays Christian Church)  are preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner for anyone in the Windsor/Sullivan/Mattoon and surrounding communities who want to enjoy a free traditional Thanksgiving meal in the company of others.  We recognize that the holiday time can be a lonely time for many and we invite everyone to join us as we celebrate all the reasons there are to be thankful on Nov. 18, 4-6 pm at the Windsor High School, 1424 Minnesota Ave, Windsor, IL.  Call Kari Otto, Smyser Christian Church Student Minister at 217-752-6896 if you have any questions.

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Sunday School

for ALL AGES kicks off Sept. 16 at 9:10am. 
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